The UK has left the EU

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As of 1 January 2021, the level of protection of passengers travelling between the EU and the United Kingdom will be affected, as the UK will be a third country.

This means that EU air passenger rights will continue to apply to flights operated from the UK to the EU by an EU airline, or to flights operated from the EU to the UK, whether operated by an EU or a UK airline. They will not however apply to UK-operated flights from the UK to the EU.

Nonetheless, the Agreement provides that both Parties will guarantee that effective measures are put in place to protect access to information for passengers, passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility, reimbursement and compensation, and the efficient handling of complaints.

Source: European Commission Press corner


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Vos droits – Résumé

Si le vol est surbooké ou annulé, le passager a droit à une compensation financière. Les compagnies aériennes sont toujours obligées d'offrir une assistance.
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